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We have quite a selection of delicious flavors to choose from. Regardless of the flavor you like, you can be assured of this:

All of our sauces are NON-GMO and Gluten Free!

This steakhouse sauce is more than just a sauce for steaks. Our Steakhouse compliments the flavor of all meat items.

This product is best used as a marinade, but can be used in a stir fry, or even in a BBQ sauce.

The best way to describe this marinade is unique. A little sweet, with a little heat, and a little mesquite.

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This simple, yet time-tested cooking and grilling sauce has numerous applications for marinating chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and vegetables.

The perfect blend of soy sauce with some sweetness, combined with garlic, ginger, onion, and the presence of sesame seeds and sesame seed oil make this a go-to marinade, cooking sauce, or dipping sauce.

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The fine taste of a naturally brewed soy sauce with a hint of toasted sesame oil, combined with garlic, ginger, and lemon make this marinade one of our more popular and requested flavors.

This is particularly good with beef, bringing out a gentle sweetness, and compliments a variety of other meat, seafood, and vegetable items.

Let your imagination be creative to use this wonderful sauce on an array of culinary applications.

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No “Jerking” anyone around here. This sauce is that awesome!

Jamaican Jerk sauce is the true cornerstone of fine Caribbean cooking.

Our Jamaican Jerk sauce combines the great taste of citrus juices and a special blend of traditional herbs to recreate Jerk authentic flavor in an easy to use marinade.

This sauce is a great and unique marinade for all meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetable items.

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A spicy taste of the orient describes our Honey Ginger & Soy Sauce.

Amber Honey, Tangy Ginger, Savory Soy Sauce with some Red Pepper to add a little heat, this sauce is not only tasty, it adds great color to any of your finished dishes.

Honey Ginger & Soy on Salmon, any Pork item, and all Chicken items will surely sing praise to the chef.

This sauce is good with a variety of food items as a marinade, finishing sauce, dressing, or dipping sauce.

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One of the top selling Cooking and Grilling Sauces!

This is not a sweet teriyaki, but a “very-addicting-and-full-of-flavor” savory teriyaki sauce.

If you like ginger, this is your ticket to mouth happiness on the Orient Express!

A traditional favorite composed of naturally brewed soy sauce, complimented with more than a hint of ginger, brown sugar for a slight sweetness, and followed up with garlic in a supporting role.

This cooking and grilling sauce is great on all meat, seafood, and vegetable items.

The use for this marinade in many culinary applications makes this a hit in your recipes.

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These 2 items combined are world famous just like Salt & Pepper, Vinegar & Oil, Jack & Jill, Yin and Yang!

This sauce combines the great taste of Fresh Garlic and Herbs that can be used with any cooking application.

It works best as a marinade, but also great as a dressing, or dipping sauce and compliments a variety of meat, seafood, and vegetable items.

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A top selling and popular flavor in Asian cooking, this sauce can be used in a variety of ways.

It can be used as a marinade, cooking sauce, stir fry and even just as a dipping sauce.

The combination of soy sauce and black pepper, with a hint of garlic, and the sweetness of pure cane sugar make this sauce unique and a “palate please-er”.

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The name says it all. Buffalo Wings are as common as hot dogs, sports bars, and Bleu Cheese dressing these days.
You can use this for other chicken parts to make Buffalo Drumsticks or Buffalo Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts. Not into Chicken all the time? Try this on your burgers for a real taste treat. Apply the sauce right before your burger is almost done cooking the way you like it. Top it with Bleu Cheese and you now have a juicy and tasty Buffalo Burger!


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