Elda’s Kitchen Kentucky Bourbon Cooking & Grilling Sauce

Juicy, bite-sized, and bursting with Kentucky Bourbon flavor, these bacon-wrapped smokies will be the favorite snack at your next get together. This recipe will explain how to make these smokies wrapped in bacon and wrapped in crescent rolls. This recipe makes 8 crescent roll smokies and 12 bacon-wrapped smokies. You can double the recipe for more guests!



1 pack of your favorite bacon

1 pack of your favorite crescent roll dough.

1 pack of little smokies

1 bottle of Elda’s Kitchen Kentucky Bourbon Cooking & Grilling Sauce

Bacon Wrapped Smokies


Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Line a medium sheet pan with aluminum foil.

Lay wax paper across a cutting board. Unroll your crescent roll dough on the wax paper. Cut the dough in half horizontally. Place a little smokie on the dough to use as a guide and cut the dough into vertical strips the width of the smokie. Roll each smokie in crescent roll and place on foil.

Next, take your strips of raw bacon and cut them in half horizontally. Roll little smokies up in the raw bacon. Stick a toothpick through each finished wrapped smokie to make eating them easier and to help hold the bacon to the smokie while baking. Place each bacon-wrapped smokie on the pan. 

Once your smokies are wrapped and evenly spread on the pan, pour Elda’s Kitchen Kentucky Bourbon Cooking & Grilling Sauce into a bowl. Generously brush sauce onto smokies.

 Place sheet pan in oven. Cook for 12 minutes, then remove crescent roll smokies. Continue to cook bacon-wrapped smokies for another 5-8 minutes (for a total of 17-20 minutes for the bacon-wrapped smokies).

Let cool for a few minutes before serving. Serve with a bowl of Kentucky Bourbon sauce for dipping and Enjoy!

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