Say goodbye to boring burgers! This recipe for Honey Ginger & Soy meatless burgers puts a tropical twist on a grilling classic. (For a 100% plant-based meal, we recommend substituting Korean Style Sesame for the Honey Ginger & Soy).


Optional Toppings

    • Chao cheese (or any plant-based cheese) 
    • Pineapple ring (grilled for extra flavor!)
    • Arugula
    • Tomato, sliced 
    • Red onions, sliced
    • Candied bacon substitute (we have a great candied bacon recipe that pairs perfectly with this burger)
    • Plant-based mayo substitute
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    Grill your plant-based patties until cooked through, season lightly with salt and pepper. Once patties are cooked, we like to grill our bun a little as well for a crisp finish. 

    While patties are cooking, you can mix up some Honey Ginger & Soy mayo substitute. Add about a tablespoon of Elda’s Kitchen Honey Ginger & Soy Cooking and Grilling Sauce for every tablespoon of mayo substitute and mix well to combine. 

    Remove burgers and buns from heat and build your burgers! We love to layer the flavors as follows: bottom bun (spread your Honey Ginger & Soy mayo here), arugula, patty, cheese, sliced red onions, tomato slice, pineapple ring, candied bacon, drizzle Honey Ginger & Soy sauce over the top, add your top bun and press down lightly.

    Serve with a side of classic sea salt chips or fries and enjoy!

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