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Episode 22.5: Brie Blackford – Elda’s Kitchen

In this special episode we interview Brie Blackford from Elda’s Kitchen. I am joined by Hector, Marisol, and Alma “The Queen of BBQ”. We talk about her weekly Facebook live videos. Brie tells us how Elda’s Kitchen got started and a little history behind it. She reminisces about cooking with her Grandma and how it inspired her to continue the tradition of cooking for the family. She talks about the different flavor profiles from sauces such as Black Pepper, Spikey, Steakhouse, Peach Habanero, Jamaican Jerk and many more. We learn about Alpa Beta in California. We make our pitch to HEB to get Elda’s Kitchen on their shelves. Hector gives them a big pat on the back for all they do for the community….

It's a Wing Thing Eldas Kitchen Variety

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