Who says s’mores are just for dessert? Serve a smorgasbord of savory s’mores at your next cookout or get-together! You can use your favorite ingredients to make your s’more masterpieces. This recipe outlines some of our favorite combinations and ingredients to spark your creativity and whet your appetite!



  • A variety of 8oz bottles of Elda’s Kitchen Cooking & Grilling Sauces (we used Jala-Hot, Kentucky Bourbon, and Garlic & Herb).
  • A few packs of your favorite crackers and crisps (we used rosemary crackers, plain crackers, and shredded wheat crackers).
  • A few of your favorite cheeses (we use thickly sliced mozzarella, a wheel of brie cheese, and a wedge of bleu cheese).
  • A baguette, thinly sliced
  • Your favorite cold-cuts, thinly sliced (we used salami, soppressata, and prosciutto).
  • Cold smoked salmon, thinly sliced
  • Cream cheese, softened or spreadable
  • Fresh basil
  • Your favorite preserves and jams (we used homemade strawberry jalapeno preserves, lemon curd, and apricot preserves).
  • Any additional toppings you love (we also used sliced pears and tomatoes).
cowboy pinwheels

To start, turn on your grill (or start your file) to give it time to warm up. While waiting for your heat source to get to temp, go ahead and set up your board. We love to use a large wooden cutting board or charcuterie board, but you can lay your ingredients on large trays or plates as well.

Arrange your crackers, cold cuts, and cheeses on the board. We place more pungent ingredients like salmon on a separate plate to avoid the smell and flavor soaking into the other lighter ingredients.

Once you have your ingredients laid out, take a s’more skewer and get cooking! We have a few combinations we love listed below, but you can mix and match your ingredients and sauces to find your favorites!

Jala-Hot, Brie and Proscuitto

Cut a medium cube of brie from your wheel and skewer it. Hold over your grill or fire and turn to soften it on all sides. Once it has softened, place on a rosemary cracker. Top with prosciutto and press down a little. Add a drizzle of Elda’s Kitchen Jala-Hot Cooking and Grilling Sauce. Add a dollop of strawberry jalapeno preserves. Top with a second rosemary cracker and enjoy!

Garlic & Herb, Mozzarella and Basil

Skewer a slice of fresh mozzarella and hold over the grill or fire. Since this is a softer cheese, you’ll want to hold it a little further away from the heat than the harder cheese to avoid melting too much. Once it has started to melt, place it on a shredded wheat cracker. Top with fresh basil and tomato. Top with prosciutto or meat of your choice and drizzle with Elda’s Kitchen Garlic & Herb Cooking & Grilling Sauce.