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30 Early Holiday Season 2021 Gift Ideas You Can Order Online Today!

Elda’s Kitchen reportedly prides itself on its small batch, artisan recipes based on 1950’s kitchen culture. Each sauce is packed with flavorful ingredient combinations meant to compliment any kind of cuisine. Still made in a large kettle, the same kind of sauce pot the brand’s namesake Elda used to cook sauces for her family in the 50s, Elda’s Kitchen was co-founded by Aldo (Elda’s son and dedicated butcher) and her granddaughter Brie (a self-taught cook and creative in the kitchen. In turn, Elda’s Kitchen helps others create comforting meals with a modern twist. Selling both gift sets and individual bottles, Elda’s Kitchen offers a wide variety of sauces inspired by different regions all over the world, including — but not limited to –Ginger Teriyaki, Jamaican Jerk and Kentucky Bourbon.

Eldas Kitchen Wok & Roll Variety Pack
It's a Wing Thing Eldas Kitchen Variety

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